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Actinium the new Cryptocurrency based on latest Litecoin code

Actinium the new Cryptocurrency based on latest Litecoin code

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Actinium (ACM)

Actinium is a new cryptocurrency based on the latest code of one of the leading cryptocurrecy called Litecoin. The ticker for Actinium is set as ACM or XAT. This new coin got a dedicated dev team which is interacting with its community on a daily basis. They provide the latest news on the coin and the updates on the roadmap via their discord channel.

Actinium Coin Specifications:

Maximum Supply: 84 million
Block time:           2.5 minutes
Algorithm:            scrypt
Diff Retarget:       3.5 days
Block reward:       50ACM
Halving:                every 840,000 blocks (approx. 4 years)
Symbol:                ACM or XAT

No premine: unlike many new coins that has a ton of premine, ACM do not have any premine which makes it a special coin. The greater the amount of premine, lesser the value of the coin. Also lot of premined coins beats the purpose of being decentralized. It also leads to pump of dump of the coin. Since none of those problems seems to be associated with ACM, it has a bright future and likely to survive in this space for a long time to come.

No developer rewards: Many dev teams do take a reasonable chunk of the block rewards which is not a bad thing as long as they dont get greedy. However ACM do not have any developer rewards which makes it special again. This also shows that Dev does not need this money and their intentions are good for the coin and the community. Also there are no airdrops, ICO and similar activities which in most cases do effect the coin in a bad way. ACM is free of all those things. And hence i call this a good community coin and it is here to stay!

Important Links on Actinium:

Mining Pool: Actinium could be mined at the following mining pool with a dedicated port for ACM.

Pool URL:

  • Automatic payouts every hour
  • No registration is required
  • Low fee and Dedicated Ports

Code to use: -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u <WALLET> -p c=x

Mining Discord:

Acitinium Discord:



BitcoinTalk Ann:



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