Bitcoin Builder Direct - BBD system is an ZERO out of pocket cost system!

Bitcoin Builder Direct

Bitcoin Builder Direct

Bitcoin Builder Direct – BBD

Bitcoin builder direct is a system that is built with the intention of helping people online. People with any experience online can make money with bitcoin builder direct. There is no out of pocket cost to join BBD. All you have to do is join for free and play the spin wheel game to win your way into the system. As simple as that. The system funds you into the system when you win. You can not buy your way into BBD. There is no risk of you losing your money or crying scam!

Learn more about the basics of BBD system. Watch the Bitcoin Builder Direct Review video below.


Bitcoin Builder Direct – Business Model

You may ask since this is a free to join system and zero out of cost involved. How is this BBD system make money, what is the source of income? I am glad you asked and it is a valid question you should ask this with any system.

The backend of this BBD system is connected to forex trading. Bitcoin builder direct uses its own funds to trade in the forex market and share a certain portion of the profits with its members. Members are getting paid in Bitcoin every few weeks. Earnings are sent to the members payza accounts. You get to setup your payza details at the back office once you join the system.

Here is a Bitcoin Builder Direct payment proof video.

$200 Level in BBD

BBD used to have multiple levels starting with a $50, $200 and then a $500, $1000, $3000. Now all of those levels are circumvented and only $200 level is kept to keep the system simple and easy for its members to follow and admins to manage. This is the level members will be funded into when they win the spin wheel game. Now there is an opportunity for its members to have multiple $200 level accounts. Previously with all other levels available, one could have only one account under each level.

Multiple accounts into $200 level are bought in via something called bump matching. This is at the sole discretion of the system and the availability of funds. Let us see what is bump matching.

Bump matching in BBD

Every now and then the bitcoin builder direct system uses its earnings to provide its members multiple accounts in to the $200 level. This is provided only to the existing members who are already in the system at $200 level, funded by BBD. Members will have an option to get more $200 level accounts by funding 50% out of pocket and the system funds the remaining 50%. This is called bump matching.

By doing this the members reduce the risk by 50% and it is totally optional. Since it is reducing the risk by 50% and the income potential is increasing with the multiple $200 level accounts, this bump matching is very popular among the BBD members. There are only a limited number of people getting bump matched every time depends on the availability of funds in the system.

How to Join BBD?

The referral system to join BBD is not available yet. Right now those who are in BBD are the founding members who found their way into it via the previous ventures of its admins. The referral links will be out soon and you will be able to get them by contacting the author of this post on facebook!