Cryptotab - Earn Bitcoins from Google Chrome Extension! 100% Passive

Cryptotab – Earn Bitcoins using Chrome Extension

Cryptotab – Earn Bitcoins using Chrome Extension

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Cryptotab – What is it?

Cryptotab is a google chrome extension. This chrome extension enables you to earn free bitcoins. All you have to do is to install and forget. This will be running in the background, mining bitcoins for you. Even though it may not get a ton of bitcoins to start with, if you refer other people, the earnings will increase greatly. Click here to Install the Chrome Extension!

You may install this extension on multiple computers. But the real income is in referring people. More number of people you refer, higher the income it will provide. You dont have to work hard to refer people, since it is a free chrome extension, people get it as soon as they come to know.

Here is a snapshot of what cryptotab looks like:


How to Get Cryptotab?

Here is how you can get crytotab extension installed on your Google chrome browser. Once you click on the link below to get the extension, you will be taken to the page like one shown above. All you need to do is to click on the blue button that says ‘Add to Chrome and Get Bitcoin’ and install it. Once installed, it will be shown next to the address bar on your browser. It is an orange Icon with a letter C inside. Get Your Chrome Extension here!

Refer People to Crytpotab

Once installed, the extension, click on that icon that shows up next to your address bar and get your referral link. Share it with your friends and all your social media contacts, this is one hundred percent free and hence people will love it. Also it is worth running on your browser which is making you free bitcoins 100% passive. It is a set and forget extension which will make you bitcoins for a very long time to come. You do not need to maintain or configure anything. You will be able to withdraw your bitcoin earnings once there is enough bitcoins to do so.

More the number of people that you refer to this program, more your earnings will be. I have been testing it for the past few weeks and it is working like magic and making me bitcoins. Over a period time, it will be worth it.

Right now you can make referral commissions up to 10 levels. There is a calculator on the site that shows you the potential earnings when you refer 5 people and they all do the same. Even if you can make 10% of it work, it is worth it in my opinion. They will be reducing this 10 levels of commissions in the near future. They might end up paying only 3 to 5 levels in the future.

Act now and be a part of a larger mining group. GET YOUR EXTENSION HERE!

Here is a Youtube Video that explains all about CryptoTab:

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below and I will get back to you!

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