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Current Airdrops

Current Airdrops

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Here are some of the Current Airdrops you might be able to register and get them into your wallet.

Click on any of the Images below to sign-up to them!

Join these Quick Airdrops that is conducted via Telegram bots: AcuteCoinLaborCryptoCGCXBOLTT Coin EMINENT / RankingBall / BitMinutes / BubbleTone

Blue Whale Foundation Airdrop

Get a share of this $500,000 Airdrop Campaign! Click here

blue whale foundation airdrop

CoinCrowd Airdrop

Get your share of the 2,362,521 XCC tokens that will be airdropped among all participants! Click here

CoinCrowd Airdrop

ARAW Airdrop

Get your 500 ARAW Tokens via this airdrop! Click here

ARAW Airdrop

DirectHome Airdrop

DirectHome $7 Airdrop! Click here

DirectHome Airdrop

ArticleX Airdrop

Get $9.6 worth of ARTX tokens via this airdrops! Click here

ArticleX Airdrop

SOCIFI Airdrop

Get your share of 100,000,000 GIF Tokens! Click here

SOCIFI Airdrop

KPR Airdrop

Get up to 25 stakes in KPR token airdrop! Click here

KPR Airdrop

XCHNG Airdrop

Get up to $200 worth of XCHNG tokens via this airdrop! Click here

Watch this cool interview on XCHNG –> Watch on YoutTube!

Xchng Airdrop

Sparta Airdrop

Get your sparta tokens via this airdrop! Click here

sparta airdrop

Leonardian Airdrop

Get your 50 LEON tokens via this Leonardian Airdrop. Click here!

leonardian airdrop

BlockPort Airdrop

Blockport is airdropping 27,500 BPT to top 100 contestants who participate in the Beta Access Contest and spread the word about blockport. Earn up to 5000 BPT. Click here to Sign-up!

BlockPort Airdrop

Luckchemy Airdrop

Get Your 50 LUK Tokens via Airdrop! Click here!

Luckchemy Airdrop

Xriba Airdrop

Get Your share of XRIBA $52,50 Airdrop! Click here!

Xirba Airdrop


GladAge Airdrop

GladAge is airdropping 70 GAC tokens for joining Telegram and Twitter and 30 GAC for referring others. ICO token price is 1 GAC = $0.10

Go to airdrop Telegram bot to sign-up!

GladeAge Airdrop

unboxed airdrop

Life is good and the day becomes brighter when you are paid for what you love to do! Unboxed is giving away $1,000,000 worth of tokens to the community for helping them spread the word about the new Unboxed Network. Claim your share!

Typerium Airdrop

Register for Typerium Bounty program and Earn your share of 30,000,000 tokens here!

Typerium is a fantastic project and there is no doubt in my mind that it will be successful. I like this project because, it is a decentralized content creation platform. You get to earn a share of 30,000,000 TYPE tokens via their bounty program. The token will be listed on the NEXT exchange. They already have an established business called HypeForType. Which is well established and gives this project a launch pad to success. Their roadmap is well laid out and they have a great team with wealth of experience. There is no doubt in mind that this project will be a great success!

Typerium is helping the content creators world wide a platform to earn fairly for their creativity and hard work. There are no huge fees for the users and no duplication of the content. It is going to be fair for every one and everybody wins. The more you look in to this project, the more you love it. Their bounty program is awesome. Again this project will be to the moon!

Watch the Typerium Review video below!

RepoCoin Airdrop

Repocoin airdrop


dx chain airdrop


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