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Free Airdrops

Free Airdrops

Free Airdrops – How to get some?

Free Airdrops are gaining much popularity now a days. After all, what is an Airdrop? Check this post for more details!

In this post we will see what do you need to have to participate in these programs and how to do that!


If you are able to spend few minutes of your time to register for some of these airdrops everyday, there is a good chance that you will be able to get some of these tokens for free. Most of these airdrop tokens are ERC20 tokens and all you need is an ERC20 compatible wallet like myetherwallet to receive these free tokens. How to create a brand new myetherwallet for free, watch this video!

Typical Tasks to get these Airdrop Tokens

You might need some or all of the following profiles in order for you to participate in these airdrops.

  1. An Ethereum address which you can create using the video above.
  2. A twitter account with at least about 200 followers.
  3. A facebook account
  4. An account with the
  5. An account with Linkedin
  6. An account with reddit
  7. An account with Telegram

and few others which they might refer in their program. All of which are easy and free to create. All you need to do is to invest some of your free time to get hooked up with these airdrop programs.

Here are some of the most popular Airdrop tokens at your disposal. Like i mentioned above all you need to do is some few minutes to accomplish some of the social media tasks that these airdrop programs require to receive some free airdrops! There is a link in the description of these videos on youtube where you will be able to signup for these airdrops.

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Some of the old airdrops are listed below:

Havven Token Airdrop:

NKOR Airdrop:


TradePlayz Airdrop -> Register here to receive Your Tokens!