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PowerLedger Token Generation Event – ICO

PowerLedger Token Generation Event – ICO

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PowerLedger Token Generation Event – ICO

PowerLedger Token Generation Event is ON. What this stands for and what is set to be achieved by this project is as follows:

  • Reimagining the Electricity Network
  • It is a decentralized and Trust less Trading Platform
  • Aimed at powering the world
  • C0-creating the Energy system of the future
  • Bringing humanity to the energy system
  • Monetizing excess energy
  • Empowering individuals and communities
  • A power system that is resilient
  • Owned by the people of the world
  • Looking at changing the power balance
  • Democratization of power
  • Bringing Power to the people
  • Via sustainable blockchains which are the future

This project believes in empowering individuals and communities to co-create their energy future which will underpin the development of a power system that is low-cost, resilient, zero-carbon and owned by the people, the people of the world.

Trust less Trading Platform:

The Trust less trading platform will allow the consumers to sell energy to their peers on a trust less environment.

Blockchain-enabled P2P energy trading will preserve networks relevance to the consumers by transforming the energy networks into trust less trading platforms and invoking a transitive economy that moves away from bi-lateral retail arrangements to multi-lateral trading ecosystems.

What is PowerLedger Trying to Achieve?

After months of research and planning, Power Ledger is set out to address three of the major challenges
facing the energy system globally:
  1. Finding a way to include individuals in high density housing in the booming distributed energy economy
  2. Re-inventing electricity networks to provide an incentive for the connection of DER
  3. Mitigating the risk of stranding multiple billions of dollars in valuable network assets

If you want to take part in this movement where PowerLedger is trying to put POWER back into the hands of the people of the world, check their site at Power Ledger.io

Join Hands with PowerLedger Now!

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